Tire Rule Ammendment (April 2nd 2013)

Tire Rule Ammendment (April 2nd 2013) Teams can cut, sipe or groove tires. This rule goes into affect immediately.

On Saturday April 6th, the quest for the City Chevrolet SECA Weekly Championship will begin. Drivers will compete through Sept. 22nd with only their best 15 races counting toward their championship points.

With a total weekly purse of $18,500 the driver who stands atop the standings will claim $7,500 with the top 20 in points receiving guaranteed money. Plus SECA is paying $500 to each tracks weekly crate division points fund. Combine that with contingencies such as transmissions, fuels, racing certificates, and other bonuses.

There are three bonus races that will take place in 2013, each track sat down and all agreed upon the dates to try and make it as economical as possible for each track, team. These bonus races are worth 10 bonus points EACH. Meaning the races will count as a weekly event for points with an additional 10 points added to each attending driver. These races are also guaranteed to pay a minimum of $1,500 to win.

Cherokee Speedway- May 25th
Harris Speedway- May 27th
Laurens Speedway- July 6th

“The best part about this entire deal, is these drivers are going to race at their home tracks, and not have to travel to win points money like a touring series. We see this as a win win situation for the drivers and promoters. We will not stop working for the drivers, and committed tracks. Eveything we have been able to accomplish so far is all because of the great sponsors we have, and the commitments they have made to the SECA program” Marion Limbaugh SECA partner.

“Right now we are small, and growing daily with memberships, sponsorships. We are looking at this as all positive, as we are new to some of this as a collective group and the last thing we want is to be overwhelmed with processing information to and from our tracks/drivers. We try to look at other series/associations, and weigh the pros/cons from each and add our own twist. Our main goal is do what we say, and do it in a timely matter.” Stated Timmy Mcabee SECA partner.

Scott Childers the third partner of SECA added. “With 2013 barely off the ground yet, we are already looking a bit into the future and sitting down to discuss what we can do to better SECA in 2014. At the end of the day we want to provide fans with the best racing we possibly can. With the amount of drivers/teams expressing interest in SECA, I don’t think there will be a problem providing quality weekly shows.”

Drivers are reminded; you must be signup and paid in full for SECA membership before you will be allowed to receive points. You can sign up at the sign in area of our member tracks. Points will be posted weekly on our website at . You can also find membership forms, rules, points breakdown along with all information needed for the 2013 season.

Partners of SECA include: City Chevrolet, Hoosier Racing Tires, Ivey Construction, The Wholesale Outlet of Greer,, Heintz Performance, Ellison Racing Engines, Kenny Lamb Racing Engines, Carolina Racing Supply, Big A's Custom Graphics, Thomas Clarke Performance