$7,500 City Chevrolet Weekly Points (2)

After three weeks of SECA weekly races, no driver has yet to score more than one win in City Chevrolet Weekly Championship competition. That is 7 crate races at three different tracks with 7 different winners. That number has the potential to reach 10 this weekend as drivers will see SECA racing at Harris, Cherokee and Laurens Speedway on April 27th.

"Drivers should really pay no mind to the points, as once these guys get to 15 races, and 16 and even 17 races logged, the points will take a major turn as drivers will begin to drop off their lowest finishes of the season, replacing those with higher finishes. I would be very surprised to see anyone win 15 races, but I do think it will take consistent top 5 races to secure the City Chevrolet Weekly Championship. We hope it comes down to the very last race(s)." stated Marion Limbaugh SECA co-owner.

Drivers are reminded of the SECA bonus races coming up May 25th- Cherokee Speedway. May 27th Harris Speedway, and July 6th Laurens County Speedway, these races will count toward weekly points along with a bonus of 10 points per each of these events entered.

This week drivers can score points at any of these events.

Harris Speedway- $1,000 to win Crate Special with the Rise Guys from 93.3 The Planet broadcasting live from the speedway.

Last race top 5

Furman Parton
Travis Knight
Jim Blackwell
Leslie smith
Greg Knight

Laurens Speedway- Regular Purse + Limited Late Models

Last Race Top 5

Terry Bullard
Mac Owens
Nick Dietz
Greg Knight
Larry Timms

Cherokee- Regular purse + Car Count Bonuses, $200 added to win from All Good Pest Control.

Last Race Top 5

Adam Yarbrough
Joey Phillips
Corey Gordon
Michael Brown
Dillon Brown

Full points are updated weekly and posted on the SECA website at

Keep in mind that only a drivers top 15 races are scored toward City Chevrolet Weekly Championship points.

1 Mac Owens 102
2 Joey Phillips 101
3 Terry Bullard 100
4 Nick Dietz 99
5 Corey Gordon 96
6 Trent Ivey 94
7 Michael Brown 94
8 Butch Riddle 92
9 Bradley Weaver 89
10 Furman Parton 86
11 Jeff Cooke 84
12 Charlie Walker 81
13 Dillon Brown 66
14 Adam Yarbrough 58
15 Jonathan Duvall 57
16 Andrew Blackwood 51
17 Josh Harwell 51
18 Dan Yarbrough 50
19 Greg Knight 42
20 Travis Knight 34
21 Jim Blackwell 33
22 Taylor Hicks 30
23 Lee Cooper 23
24 Jonathan Gray 22
25 Anthony Sanders 20
26 Brett Hamm 0
27 Travis Blackwell 0
28 James Plemmons 0

For more information regarding SECA please contact

Timmy Mcabee (864) 761-6039
Scott Childress (864) 346-3588
Marion Limbaugh (864) 238-2254

Partners of SECA include: City Chevrolet, Hoosier Racing Tires, Ivey Construction, The Wholesale Outlet of Greer,, Heintz Performance, Ellison Racing Engines, Kenny Lamb Racing Engines, Carolina Racing Supply,Big A's Custom Graphics, Thomas Clarke Performance