SECA Statement On Engine Declared Illegal

SECA officials have disclosed the information regarding the GM crate 604 engine in the dirt late model driven by Mac Owens in a weekly event at The Laurens County Speedway on July 20th.

After the acceptance of the protest, the engine was confiscated by track promoter as set forth by SECA rules. The engine was then delivered to a neutral engine builders shop, where the tear down process would take place.

The heads that were removed from the engine were found to not meet the GM Performance Parts specifications for the GM Performance 604 Crate Engine. SECA officials disqualified Owens from the event held on July 22nd.

The CC’s (Cubic Centimeters) did not meet the legal limit.

After the inspection of the engine all parties involved ( both teams, SECA officials, Laurens County Speedway officials, and a neutral engine builder) agreed with the decision of disqualification, based upon the test performed.

As a result of the infraction, in accordance with the SECA Rulebook driver Mac Owens has been suspended from SECA competition for 365 days and fined $1,000.

“This is a terrible deal for Mac, he has shown nothing but class through the entire process. His and his entire teams morale is still high considering what those guys have been and are going through right now. You never want to see this happen to anyone, especially knowing the entire situation and history of the engine.” stated Timmy Mcabee SECA co-owner

“It really sucks, but we all know the rules when we roll out onto the race track. I took someones word on the engine when I purchased it. I felt for sure the engine was legal after calling and checking on multiple occasions. I should have taken the engine and had it resealed for my own peace of mind. I simply just put my trust into another mans word. You live and you learn, and this time my entire team has learned. We will not buy another used crate engine. We will be back, stronger than ever in the future.” Mac Owens added

Owens has indicated to SECA that he plans to file an appeal on the penalties handed down by SECA.

Engine Information:

The heads were taken to another certified engine builder of other series where they also verified that the CC’s did not meet the legal limits. SECA officials have passed all the engine information along with the engine builders name and seal numbers along to other crate series. Currently there are no SECA seals on the market (This is in the works), so in order to protect the integrity of crate racing, we felt it was our duty to inform other crate associations and series about the engine. SECA will continue planning, looking and searching for better ways to make an improvement to our program and continue to help our drivers and promoters, and sponsors.

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