City Chevrolet Weekly Points Battle Heating Up

With only six weeks left in the SECA City Chevrolet Weekly Points competition the standings will really jumble, and anything can happen. Currently the top 3 are separated by a mere 8 points. With another bonus race coming up on August 31st, these 10 points become more valuable each and every week. SECA only scores a drivers top 15 finishes throughout the year, meaning all other finishes can be tossed out of the window. Hang on folks, the next six weeks will tell the tales.

Trent Ivey currently sits atop the standings, where he has spent most of the season, with one win and eleven top 5ís in 2013. There is a tie for 2nd in the standings with Joey Phillips and Nick Deitz. Phillips has one win and ten top 5 finishes. Deitz also owns one win along with eleven top 5ís. Michael Brown sits 4th in the standings with three wins and nine top 5 finishes. Furman Parton who has been steady climbing the standings this Summer is currently sitting 5th with an impressive eight wins and ten top 5 finishes..

Donít let this top 5 run down fool you, with only scoring the best 15 finishes, some of these may not be in the top 5 when we get to the end, and there are others steady working and climbing the ladder on their way to the top.

ď What a run so far, when The City Chevrolet Weekly Points deal was set up, who would have thought it would have been this close, this late in the year? It may get closer, it may get spread out, but the fact is that it has already been awesome watching these guys race different tracks battle each other every week. I am excited and I can not wait to see how this season turns out. I wished they all could win, as each of them are deserving, but at the end of the day, there can only be one champion.Ē Stated Timmy Mcabee SECA co-owner

The Latest Results:

Aug 2nd Cleveland County Speedway results.

1-Furman Parton
2- Steve Hendren
3-Jason Pack
4-John Ruggerio
5-Nick Deitz

Aug 10th Cherokee Speedway results.

1- Adam Yarbrough
2- Jeff Gibson
3- Michael Brown
4- Jonathan Duvall
5- Dan Yarbrough

Aug 10th Laurens County Speedway results.

Nick Deitz **Tire Protest Pending**
Tony Quarles
Terry Bullard
Greg Pilgrim
Butch Riddle

Harris Speedway Make up/conclusion of July 27th event

1- Furman Parton
2- Greg Knight
3- Jim Blackwell
4- Travis Knight
5- Thomas Robinson

SECA tracks in action this week:

Laurens County Speedway (Saturday) Aug 17th
Cherokee Speedway (Saturday) Aug 17th
Harris Speedway (Saturday) Aug 17th

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