SECA Honors Cheating Suspensions

SECA management announces unprecedented sanctions on "cheating within the bolts" for ALL crate racers.

For the last few years, there have been very few cases of "known" cheating within the bolts of crate late model racing, however for those that have decided to push beyond the stated guidelines, the penalty has always been 365 days suspension from which ever ...sanctioning body the driver was running at the time of the occurrence. Meaning, drivers could easily swap up and run under different sanctions after being caught cheating within the bolts.

With SECA being new for 2013, we think the time is perfect to set a new standard in the industry. Starting during the 2013 season, any driver that is caught cheating within the bolts in ANY series and or sanctioning body of crate racing, SECA WILL HONOR THE SAME SUSPENSION. (If a driver cheats in other series, or association they CAN NOT race with SECA during that suspension)

What this means, is our member drivers will not have to worry about drivers being suspended from other sanctions and coming to race with SECA members. We think this will help keep the integrity of crate racing at a very high level, and keep competition on an even playing field.