SECA Weekly Points Payout Soars To $7,500 To Win

SECA is proud of what 2013 has brought in so far, with just a little over one month before the 2013 season kicks off, we want to announce that the SECA weekly points fund has grown to $7,500 to win.

Just over a month ago, we started at $5,000 then it jumped to $6,000 and now we have hit the $7,500 ($18,500 total) mark just for our drivers to r...
ace their home tracks. How high will it go?

“We are proud to be where we are today with SECA, we are always new exploring ways to make this deal even better for both our member drivers and our member tracks. I think $7,500 to win is awesome for weekly points, more importantly it is a sign of good things to come in the future.” stated Timmy Mcabee Co-Owner of SECA

SECA plans to continue pressing forward to work with new tracks, and new potential sponsors for the 2013 season.

“ No matter what happens, there is always room to grow, that includes, drivers, tracks and sponsors. That’s where we are looking, in places we think we can continue to grow. Once the season starts, we hope this deal continues to snowball, and we can make many more announcements like this. This is what our drivers need, more reasons to race at home. We have said it from day one, we are making everything as transparent as possible, all of our information is posted on the website.” said Marion Limbaugh Co-Owner of SECA

Partners of SECA include: City Chevrolet, Hoosier Racing Tires, Ivey Construction, The Wholesale Outlet of Greer,, Heintz Performance, Ellison Racing Engines, Kenny Lamb Racing Engines, Big A's Custom Graphics, Thomas Clarke Performance