SECA Drivers To Get Bonus Points And Money

The drivers chasing SECA City Chevrolet Weekly Points will have several opportunities for bonus points and money during 2013.

Currently we are working with our race tracks to allow each track to have ONE race during 2013 that will give each SECA driver in attendance 10 bonus points for that event.
We are hoping to encourage SECA drivers when their home track is not racing to venture to another SECA sanctioned track.

We are working diligently to make this happen during special events and off nights, (Sun-Fri) which will keep any track from loosing race cars, yet at the same time, bring in other cars on another night.

Our goals at SECA are simple, Keep drivers close to home, and work to continue the growth of crate racing at all of our tracks. We believe this is just another step in the right direction, by having SECA and these race tracks work together and not against each other while the drivers get a better payday and bonus points, fans get to see drivers they may not have seen at the weekly show. EVEYONE WINS

No dates have been put on SECA BONUS RACES as some tracks have not released 2013 schedules, we want to make this season as driver, promoter and fan friendly as possible!

Partners of SECA include: City Chevrolet, Hoosier Racing Tires, Ivey Construction, The Wholesale Outlet of Greer,, Heintz Performance, Ellison Racing Engines, Kenny Lamb Racing Engines, Big A's Custom Graphics, Thomas Clarke Performance