Chris Cantrell's Tires From Cherokee Don't Meet Benchmark


Following a heat race at SECA sanctioned Cherokee Speedway (Gaffney, SC) on Saturday June 7th, tire samples were taken from heat race winner Chris Cantrell. The tire samples that were properly collected and secured from Cantrell's car by Cherokee Speedway officials did not meet the benchmark at the independent laboratory that was sufficiently set forth by the tire manufacturer. As a result, Cantrell is immediately disqualified from the June 7th event at Cherokee Speedway and all drivers initially finishing behind Cantrell in the feature event (3rd on back) will be scored up one position from their original finishing spot. As a result of these findings and in accordance with the SECA rules, Cantrell faces the following penalties:

1) Disqualification from June 7th event at Cherokee Speedway (No points and no monies)
2) A fine of $1,000 which must be paid before competing in any SECA sanctioned event

All results and points will be adjusted to reflect the changes in the finishing order of the June 7th event at Cherokee Speedway.

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